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What is Berber carpet?

Thursday, July 22, 2021 6:48 AM

So you are looking for carpeting, and you keep hearing about Berber. You probably have questions, and at Carpets Galore, we have answers. Let us tell you about Berber.

What is it?

There is a North African Tribe named Berber that had a distinctive way of weaving. Instead of loops in the weaving being cut, they are left untouched and intact. This created a loop texture to the carpet. Initially, the Berber carpet was a light carpet with dark flecks in it.

Modern and Traditional designs

Modern Berber carpets can come in various fibers and designs. The fibers that go into a Berber can be wool, nylon, olefin, nylon, and olefin. They are distinguished by differing knotting patterns, dyes, and weaving. Berbers are generally low-priced and durable, consisting of one primary color. Traditional Berber carpets are made of natural materials instead of modern Berber that you may see in industrial areas. Generally, it is the cost of the fiber that determines the cost of the Berber.

Because of its looped strength in the fiber, Berber is a very durable material. When nylon is used, it becomes doubly so. Berberis easy to care for, and its maintenance options are many when doing so. Ask your carpet expert about care.

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