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Latest News > Here’s why everyone should have waterproof flooring

Here’s why everyone should have waterproof flooring

Thursday, October 17, 2019 12:00 AM

Waterproof in Las Vegas

Yes, it’s probably the biggest investment you’ll make in your home, but you’ll be buying a lot of furniture and accessories, so you want to keep them in good shape—and that’s EXACTLY why you need waterproof flooring.

Up until recently, you could rely on tile and vinyl to be waterproof, but a new generation of luxury vinyl has hit the market, and it’s a ninja when it comes to handling water and moisture. It’s called waterproof WPC and it has a special WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) core.

Here’s why everyone needs it: Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security just because Las Vegas is in the desert, because there are plenty of opportunities for leaks and floods right in your own home. In fact, here’s a cautionary tale: We know someone who lives in the north. One day she heard a loud dripping and saw that it was coming from one of her bedrooms which, ultimately, created the need for a total carpet flooring replacement.

Turns out one of the sinks upstairs was slow to drain, and no one said anything; a pipe backed up and caused a flood.

You can also get leaks and floods from appliances and, while the dishwasher is a big culprit, so are washing machine hoses when they get corroded.

It’s not just water, but also humidity and moisture

All you have to do is boil water to create some humidity, but make no mistake: Humidity on the outside can also affect the inside, such as when a clogged drain pipe when it faces a window.

Waterproof flooring is just luxury vinyl flooring (LVF) with an advanced technological core, WPC, instead of the traditional one. You get all of the same style as before, and just like LVF, it can be cut into planks or tiles. It’s the same easy maintenance; sweep or vacuum regularly and, for a more thorough cleaning, mop with a manufacturer-approved detergent. Installation is easy and it can be placed over most existing flooring. The pieces just click together like a puzzle.

For more information, feel free to come into the Carpets Galore showroom in Las Vegas, NV.