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Having it all with luxury vinyl flooring

Monday, October 21, 2019 12:00 AM

Luxury vinyl in Las Vegas

Does luxury have to cost an arm and a leg? No, not if it is an installation with this kind of vinyl and: to quote an old (but true) cliché, it lets you “have your cake and eat it too.”

That’s because this flooring that gives you an amazingly realistic look of wood, tile, or stone to give your home a high-end look--but at affordable prices.

Between high definition photography and other technological advances, the clear and accurate images look wire-brushed, distressed or antiqued with none of those flat images that we might remember!

There’s a big assortment of species, color, patterns, and designs, and you can get with different cores, the most traditional one is made up of vinyl resins; remember, though, you can also get it with a WPC (wood plastic composite) to get the highest level of waterproofing and moisture-resistance.

Two versions, many looks

Luxury vinyl plank (LVF) is, as it sounds, cut into planks to resemble wood. Your home can have a classic and timeless look with mahogany wood-look, or you can get a little trendy with this flooring and get an installation with gray or white-washed “wood,” a look that’s so popular right now.

You can also have a little fun; get it cut into tile-sized pieces (LVT) and mix and match to create your own unique design, or get stone looks to turn your home into an English castle or Italian palazzo.

Style and function

Whether you work inside or outside the home, and whether you have a large or small family, we’re all super busy. This vinyl gives you the luxury of time because the flooring is so easy to care for. Just sweep or vacuum and, for a deeper cleaning, just mop with a manufacturer-approved detergent. Need durability? This is a layered product and the top sheet is a strong clear plastic wear layer that protects against scratches, scuffs, and dents. Stains, even lipstick and crayons, are easily removed.

To learn more, visit the Carpets Galore showroom in Las Vegas, NV