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Latest News > Hardwood flooring: Keeping it in top shape, always

Hardwood flooring: Keeping it in top shape, always

Thursday, October 17, 2019 12:00 AM

Hardwood in Las Vegas

All sticker shock aside, when you look at the overall picture of a hardwood flooring installation, it’s actually quite reasonable. For one, it does last for decades and even sometimes looks better with age, but it’s like anything:  Take care of it and it will last.

Remember, too, that whether it’s solid or engineered hardwood, it’s going to add value to your home.  You’ll see it two ways; first, you’ll recoup around 80% of the costs, which will show up in your property’s assessment.  Second, buyers will often pay up to 2.5% over ask for a home with wood flooring.

Here are some cost-efficiency tips from Carpets Galore.

And, yes, if you tire of them, you still don’t need to replace them; just have them sanded and stained another color.

For more information, visit the Carpets Galore showroom in Las Vegas, NV and speak to one of our flooring experts. 

  1. Refinish, not replace.  Very often, if hardwood starts to look worn, it’s because of scratches and every day wear and tear. Don’t throw them out!  Scratches are usually in the veneer, not the wood itself so all the flooring most likely needs is a refinishing (with or without sanding) to bring them back to the original luster. 
  2. Utilize some common-sense, simple everyday rules.  Keep mats by the entrances and, if it’s not too awkward, you can always ask people to remove shoes first. If you have pets, keep their nails trimmed; also avoid wearing stilettos on the floor, as both shoes and pet nails can dig and cause dents.  Use protective pads on furniture feet, especially if you are moving items across the floor.
  3. Water is an enemy of solid hardwood and, while the engineered version of this hardwood handles water a little better, never let puddles sit. Wipe spills immediately and place mats or scatter rugs in front of sinks. Don’t think in terms of only water, any liquid can hurt it, so if you polish the flooring be sure it’s wiped and kept dry when you’re finished.  Avoid installing hardwood in rooms that are prone to leaks.